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Cost Engineering and Value Management. This is what we at STEFAN Consulting do for a living.
We find, optimize and implement the key potentials for your operational success.


Cost Engineering & Value Management

Cost Engineering & Value Management

80% of production cost are defined before SOP. Through Cost Engineering and Value Management more and more companies reduce their material and process cost  significantly, before the first part is even produced.
This is done by initiatives like Design2Cost, Function Cost Analysis as well as Best Practice Should Cost Analysis. 

These and many other methods, invented in the last decades mostly in the automotive sector, we at STEFAN Consulting are using at our customer.
No matter if the project is in Automotive, Aerospace, Machine Construction or if you produce 1 or a million parts per year.
Cost Engineering and Value Management will help you, to reduce your cost. Sustainable.


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Technical benchmarks and teardowns are done in the automotive industry since decades. The reverse engineering approach helps open for new technologies and materials, as well as product and process solutions.

Get to know your and the competitors’ products with our detailed teardown and documentation reports.

Value Analysis

Often cost allocations comes top down via your finance department. The value analysis approach seeks to understand the true source of costs via a bottom up cost calculation with a differentiation in material, process (machine & labor), overheads and other cost sources.

Analyze and understand the cost structure of your components, projects, and investments. 

Make / Buy Studies

The consequence of Cost Engineering and Value Management is just as good as it’s implementation in your supply chain or the internal production processes. We will support and guide you through the whole process starting from the idea generation.

With cost engineering and value management the right process and category strategy is imminent.

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