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The 2X4 Model

Cost Engineering and Value Management made easy.
Through the 2X4 Model, developed by STEFAN Consulting, a complete cost optimization process from the functional requirements complety through to the cost optimization in your companies commodity structure. The model offers a strict A-Z guideline as well as a modular set of single components, which can be adapted based on your needs.

Function Cost Analysis

What does providing a bluetooth functionality cost? A simple question often hard to answer.
It’s even harder compare the costs to it’s value, so we at STEFAN Consulting defined a process to define cost, value and the potentials in between. Through a comparison between the estimated cost and the value of the market, created by your and your competitors portfolio, togehter we will create a gap analysis valueing the risks and oppurtunities of possible (re-)designs. 

Commodity Cost Analysis

As it is with journeys it is with commodity cost optimization. It beginns with the first step, which is in this case the target setting. Setting targets top down via percentages is very common, but mostly wrong as it only works for price markets, which are only defined by leverage.
Most commodities are purchased in cost markets, in which the price of a product or material is defined by its production cost. 
To set and meet those targets we at STEFAN Consulting will work with you on your should cost calculations, make or buy studies and many other aspects.


As electric and electronic systems become more and more relevant in all industries, the cost do as well.
Our expertiese in these technologies will bring your cost drivers into the spotlight.

Electric Motors

From small stepper to e-drives for semi and bus applications. We have experience with all varieties of sizes, power classes and standards.


As electric and autonomous cars, collaborating robots and AI are becoming part of daily lives, they also must become affordable. 

Complex Assemblies

Complexity is just a convolut of simplicity. After our (virtuell) teardown of your products we can tell what drives your cost and what offers potential.


In many projects small, high volume components can make the difference. Simple changes in design or process can make a significant difference.